No More Secondhand Art: Peter London

“No more Secondhand Art- Awakening the artist within” by Peter London
“A joy to read. In a style both conversational and precise, London questions the conventional attitudes that form a barrier to keep art outside most people’s lives. London shows us that making images is as natural as speech, as dreams.”—Yoga Journal

Technique is relatively easy to learn. It takes some good tutors, books, materials and perseverance. What is much more difficult, is of course- Originality. How to find your style? How to make something different that no one has made before? This book really helped me look at art differently. In the past few years, whenever I have felt devoid of ‘inspiration’, I went back to the book and worked on the exercises.The ‘Creative Encounters’ are designed to help you find your inner voice.

Peter London, an artist and art therapist really knows what he is talking about and I would recommend this book to every artist looking to make a mark and to every art teacher attempting to teach how to make art.