An Eye for Color: Olga Gutierrez De La Roza

 An Eye For Color: by Olga Gutierrez De La Roza

I am a color junkie. I love bright vibrant colors flooding my canvas- the challenge is obviously to keep the harmony and knowing when to stop! This book was the perfect find for me. It helped me to create my own color balance and develop a sense of what works and what doesn’t.

She divides the book by color, taking a chapter for each and commencing with the work of a painter or designer and breaking it down into the palette used (RGB and CMYK). Next, it is up to the reader to create a file of swatches based on these, in order to create an inspiration reference. It is also possible for you to simply refer the variety of groupings in the book. It is an enjoyable and handy tool, with barely any text, keeping it uncomplicated. The kind of nicely-designed book that makes you want to just leaf through it before starting any new project.