Recollecting the beginning

Trio of Scrap Cities, 6″x4″ in (2 sets)

When in Mumbai, I remember the incessant steady sounds of construction- it seemed omnipresent. The roof of the building was being re-done at home, the lobby outside my ground floor studio, re-painting of the building walls- the workmen and scaffoldings all around. Sometimes at my home in Chicago, when it gets very quiet and cold, I almost miss that constant hammering.

Whilst adopting the principle that inspiration is best found in ones surroundings, I started putting on paper my little ideas and worked on collages. I enjoy the mundane activities of collecting, cutting, pasting. The joy of mindless repetition through instinct is hard to explain. The resultant work is simple but gives me a starting reference point for more ideas.

As I found pictures of them in my archives today, it made me remember the beginning. And many other beginnings and endings.