Book Review: “Starving” to Successful

In this book titled “Starving” to Successful | The Fine Artist’s Guide to Getting Into Galleries and Selling More Art by J. Jason Horejs, the author gives some simple tips to art marketing from the point of view of a gallerist. It is a simple read in conversational style and drives home some¬† basic key points on making your art a successful business. There are two key aspects to being a successful artist- making good art and marketing it. The author focuses on the reality of the latter- which is an area which most artists tend to neglect.

Artists are either afraid of criticism or generally believe that they must keep producing and wait till their work is ‘discovered’! That does not happen in the real world. “I discovered,” says Horejs, “there was very little information out there for the aspiring professional artist regarding the business side of art, especially in terms of the crucial relationship between the artists and the fine art gallery. Even artists who have graduated with master s degrees leave school having never heard a word about how to approach galleries.”

As an artist, I think when it is time to create- do just that. Don’t think about what sells or anything to do with art marketing. Find yourself and make art that is true to you. But when the time comes to take your work out there and lay yourself bare- take some tips from this book. As a gallery owner- Jason seems to know what he is talking about. Some good advice, some basic stuff- a lot to ingest and difficult to implement- but definitely worth a read and worth a shot.