Eric Perriard: Urban Souls

Image courtesy artist: Eric Perriard, Urban Souls #1


I have always enjoyed photography and use my own camera often to take pictures of things that inspire. Pictures can provide a concrete, yet individualistic structure of visual data to build upon. A picture may be enigmatic, or it may allow a viewer access to something remarkable that could not be perceived or understood in another way. 

It is also intriguing to see how other people look through different lenses and sometimes see the same thing. The eye may be different, the city and continent may be separate but there is a link for sure. I enjoyed viewing ‘Urban Souls’ through the eyes of Photographer Eric Perriard and I am sure you will too.

Eric has managed to beautifully capture that moment of stillness in a busy ‘megapolis’ life. How difficult it is to take a moment, pause and introspect what our life is about? And if we do it, how often do we feel that need to desperately change something, without knowing what that ‘something’ is…