Studio Notes: 1 Sept 2011

‘I’ve Arrived, 2011’ 22x28in Mixed Media on canvas

‘Lofty Assimilations’ almost done in Mumbai, now back in Chicago
After a successful show in Mumbai- in terms of press, critical appreciation and sales- I find myself back in my studio in Chicago sketching for my new body of work. I wanted to formulate an update for all my collectors, fans and friends in the form of a brief newsletter to keep you abreast about my work. You can now view the images from the opening night and the paintings in the show.
Publicity: The show was featured repeatedly in local forums like the ‘What’s Hot’ section in Bombay Times and highlighted with a brief interview on 11/8 in an article titled ‘How Fragile our city is’ by Ismat Tahseen. Other features included Inside Outside, Afternoon and India today. Internationally the exhibit was publicized in Art Knowledge News and I did a short interview with ‘Prerith’ an organization that show cases inspiring stories in various career fields, encouraging people to choose careers off the beaten track. 

What does the future hold? As I am left with very few paintings from my previous show which ends on 12th Sept, I look to further delve into the minds of immigrants- both blue and white collar, those who leave their village or their country and go to build the future of their dreams. Whether our aspirations are economical or fame-driven, we are constantly re-evaluating our concept of the word ‘home’. The primary question is whether this makes the world a smaller place or does it make the differences and disparities even more obvious?

Besides long hours in the studio and absorbing the art scene in Chicago, I will be volunteering for some teaching opportunities in Chicago. In December, I will conduct a mixed media workshop at Jamaat with children of the Sujaya Foundation. I will be showing my work in October for the Chicago Artists Month and shall be back in India for a show at the end of the year. I shall continue as Art Editor for ‘Urban Confustions’ a bi-annual publication to promote women authors, artist and poets across the globe. 

For any inquiries on my art, please feel free to contact Jamaat Art Gallery or me.