Art trading

One of the best parts of being an artist is that I don’t have a paucity of art in my own living space. I have recently found out, it does not always have to be my own work on my walls. As my art and my network of artists friends develops, I am able to find artists willing to exchange work with me.It’s pretty simple really, find artists and art you love, who in turn love your work; match approximate price points and approach.

1-Barlow Nelson is a silkscreen printmaker whose prints depict objects or images encountered in his ordinary activities. He uses the complex screenprinting process to express the interaction of shapes, space and bold colors. Barlow uses his unique attention to detail, technical precision and planning to generate his vibrant prints.  His facebook page can be found here.


Barlow Nelson, Lisse de feuillet, Silkscreen on paper


Tulika Ladsariya City Arising, Mixed media on canvas

2- Emily Rutledge is inspired by the haphazard visual fabric of life. Mangled handbills and posters form accidental collages. Tattered logos, text, and color collide. Marker tags and graffiti give a voice to those lacking one. Fragments of faces on torn scraps hint at the impermanence of life.

Emily Rutledge, Disorderly Conduct, Mixed media on cradled panel

Tulika Ladsariya, Bricks, Paint, Ink on brick