Sticks and Stones

Sometimes as an artist I just have an itch. I can’t seem to explain what I’m trying to make or why or how it’s connected to my other work but I just need to get it out of my system. I read about different artists who pick up a piece of nature from every place they travel to and I wish I was that precise in my collection of things and items- my process in the everyday seems so arbitrary- though I guess there might be some method to my madness.

I picked up these beautiful layered stones in Australia from Byron Bay and lugged them to India and then back to Chicago- so they are well loved, well traveled and coddled several times by TSA. I glazed them up, glue gunned some beads to them and then just strung them up with invisible string on a collection of sticks to appear like they’re floating.

Husband thinks they look like something from True Detective. It made me think of the poem #sticksandstones when I was working on them. Kid just thinks they are very cool.